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From a medical perspective, “the G-Spot is a plexus (or a collection) of nerves and blood vessels in the mid and upper or anterior wall of the vagina,” says Adeeti Gupta MD, FACOG, Gynecologist and Sex Therapy expert.

As featured in the Andrea Blair's blog on monthlygift.com, Dr. Gupta talks about the G-spot. " From a medical perspective, “the G-Spot is a plexus (or a collection) of nerves and blood vessels in the mid and upper or anterior wall[...]

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Meet Dr. Adeeti Gupta, a Compassionate, Thoughtful Female Gynecologist in NYC

Dr. Adeeti Gupta is a dynamic American Board Certified leading obstetrician and gynecologist in New York. She believes in holistic care for Women’s health since no problem can be explained by one single cause. She is an MD with a twist.

A Caring Obstetrician Gynecologist
Dr. Gupta, who has delivered hundreds of babies as an attending, is known to her patients and colleagues as a young, pleasant, compassionate, thoughtful and responsible physician who pays close attention to her patients and devotes the time needed on patient visits. She’s an excellent surgeon with great skills that allow her to perform laparoscopic and Uro-gynecological procedures such as hysterectomies, laparoscopic removal of ovarian cysts and procedures for treatment of uterine prolapse and urine incontinence.

Dr. Gupta is now focusing on an holistic approach to Women’s Health to provide a well rounded approach to women’s well being. She is no longer delivering babies due to the constrained obstetrical health care systems in the Tri-state area. Until drastic reforms are enforced in New York, there is unfortunately a serious drain on the OBGYN care and prenatal health care in this state.

Entrepreneur and a Coach

Being acutely aware of the challenges faced by women in the ability to see a Gynecologist right away, Dr. Gupta launched the first ever Walk IN Center for Women’s health in NYC. The center is open late hours and weekends and is staffed by providers embodying Dr. Adeeti’s philosophy of compassionate, gentle and quality care that all women deserve.

She also precepts and trains future residents and nurse practitioners to help become great providers.

Other “Adventures”:

Founder, Director: “Walk IN GYN Care – First ever Walk IN Center for Women’s health.

Founder, Director: “Fusion GYN – A center to help women and couples deal with sexual health issues.

Founder: “Independent MD – Helping the physicians negotiate the myriad of business complexities.


Clinical Address
83-21, 57th av, Elmhurst, NY – 11373 Tel: 718-898-1170