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Got a few minutes? That's all it takes to stay healthy! Really!

Another study by Tabata and colleagues from National Institute of Fitness and Sports, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan reveals that adequate high-intensity intermittent training may improve both anaerobic and aerobic energy supplying systems significantly. In short, quick bursts of increased physical activity may be more or at least as effective for fitness and weight[...]

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Shifting focus in Women's health. No More Obstetrics

After having graduated from my first OBGYN residency in 1997, I dived into women’s health with passion.   Ever since my foray into medicine, I have taken care of thousands of women, guided them through their pregnancies, coached them during their deliveries[...]

Universal health care for all? Where did it lead us?

Where are we going with Obama care or "Affordable health care"? Higher premiums, higher deductibles, less doctors leading to unhappy patients with very few options? Where do we see ourselves in 10 years? I invite comments from everyone on how these changes[...]

Ladies be safe - Rising Genital Herpes rates

Ladies be Safe – Rising Genital Herpes rates You may have been exposed to Genital Herpes and may not even know it! Scary thought but true! Genital Herpes has vastly increased in prevalence in the last 10 years especially in the[...]

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Meet Dr. Adeeti Gupta, a Compassionate, Thoughtful Female Gynecologist in NYC

Dr. Adeeti Gupta is a dynamic American Board Certified leading obstetrician and gynecologist in New York.

A Caring Obstetrician Gynecologist
Dr. Gupta, who has delivered hundreds of babies as an attending, is known to her patients and colleagues as a young, pleasant, compassionate, thoughtful and responsible physician who pays close attention to her patients and devotes the time needed on patient visits. She’s an excellent surgeon with great skills that allow her to perform laparoscopic and Uro-gynecological procedures such as hysterectomies, laparoscopic removal of ovarian cysts and procedures for treatment of uterine prolapse and urine incontinence.

Dr. Gupta is now focusing on an holistic approach to Women’s Health to provide a well rounded approach to women’s well being. She is no longer delivering babies due to the constrained obstetrical health care systems in the Tri-state area. Until drastic reforms are enforced in New York, there is unfortunately a serious drain on the OBGYN care and prenatal health care in this state.

Highly Trained OBGYN in New York
Dr. Gupta, has more than 13 years’ experience in obstetrics and gynecology. She was trained in the top ranking medical school and hospital in India where, in a highly competitive learning environment, she was always ranked as the top resident. She successfully completed her residency training in New York, and went on to become an American Board Certified obstetrician and gynecologist. After graduation, she stayed on as faculty to render her services to the patients and help train future OBGYN residents into good physicians. Dr. Gupta also did a short-term advanced clinical Uro-gynecology attachment in London

She comes from a family of caring and respected physicians. During her training in New York, she was awarded the “achievement award for outstanding performance in laparoscopic surgery” by the Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons of North America. She is also actively involved in teaching medical students.

C-Sections, Hysterectomies, Complicated Pregnancies
As an OBGYN in one of New York’s busiest hospitals, Dr. Gupta has performed numerous complicated deliveries and C-Sections. She is an expert in treating incontinence, pelvic prolapse and performing laparoscopic gynecological surgeries. She is one of the very few trained OBGYN doctors to offer the one-day hysterectomy procedure. She also performs tubal sterilizations with no incisions on the body, which enables the patient to resume daily activities right away.

With her expertise she has saved many lives and dramatically improved the quality of life of women suffering from urinary incontinence, pelvic prolapse, and other gynecological issues.

Sexual Medicine
While caring for women across all walks of life, Dr. Gupta encountered presence of widespread sexual problems in women. There is a serious deficiency of qualified health professionals who are able to address sexual issues and help resolve problems arising from these. Dr. Gupta is uniquely qualified because she is also a sex therapist and actively pursuing anti-ageing medicine. She strongly believes that women should not suffer in silence and sexual health is an integral part of the well being of the society as a whole. She established the organization, “Fusion Gyn” to encompass the above aspect of women’s health care.

Other Interests
Outside of work, Dr. Gupta enjoys reading, writing, and working out in the gym. She is also a web consultant and content developer, handling data organization for leading health portals, publication houses, and medical journals. Dr. Gupta has developed content for various booklets, health brochures and information bulletins.

Female Gynecologist in New York
If you are a woman who wants the caring knowledge of an OBGYN who devotes appropriate attention to all her patients and addresses their needs, please feel free to call Dr. Adeeti Gupta’s office at 718-898-1170 for an appointment.

Clinical Address
83-21, 57th av, Elmhurst, NY – 11373 Tel: 718-898-1170