Bladder Issues in Women

Bladder issues such as involuntary leakage of urine and frequent urination often remain undetected and undertreated. Approximately 45-50% of women seek care for urinary incontinence. Women may be reluctant to initiate discussions about their incontinence and urinary symptoms due to embarrassment, lack of knowledge about treatment options, and/or fear of surgery.

We are pleased to announce our Bladder Clinics, which include complete evaluation and treatment for women suffering from the above issues. This includes Urodynamic study (urodynamic testing handout) and Pelvic Floor Therapy ( Biofeedback). Please click the link for more details.

Walk IN GYN CareAstoria location 

Wednesdays 9 am to 1p

Dr. Adeeti Gupta’s office:  Middle Village location

Tuesdays 9 am to 1p


Most insurances should cover the above studies. Your regular co-pays and deductible may apply.

In case you don’t have insurance or the study is not covered by your insurance plan, the self-pay schedule is as follows:

Urodynamic Study – $500

Biofeedback Session – $ 275/ per session (You need 6 sessions total).

Please call or email us to schedule a consult and a session at the respective location by following the appropriate link.