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As featured in the Huffington Post, Dr. Gupta explains candidly why she stopped delivering babies.

The Cost Of Being Pregnant In New York: Why Obstetricians are Closing Their Doors

07/25/2016 12:23 pm ET Updated Jul 27, 2016


By: Dr. Adeeti Gupta

After having graduated from my first OBGYN residency in 1997, I dived into women’s health with passion.

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Healthline asked Dr. Gupta about “Twisted Ovary”.

Ovarian Torsion is a serious condition. If you have sharp pains down there that are coming and going, please see your GYNO ASAP. Dr. Gupta talks about how a twisted ovary needs to be looked at ASAP.


“One of the elements we look for is blood flood to the ovary, which is done by an exam called Doppler, and that’s done during the ultrasound,” Gupta told Healthline. “It should be done long enough so you can actually watch the blood flow come and go, and if you see an obstruction to the blood flow, then definitely that person should be taken up for surgery.”


The Financial Diet interviewed Dr. Gupta about her entrepreneurial endeavors and about health care challenges experienced by today’s women.

An Honest Q&A With An NYC Gynecologist About Being A (Truly) Healthy Woman

Something we don’t often talk about explicitly on TFD.



Conceive CoverQuestion: This question was from Conceive Magazine who wanted information about “doable fitness tips for very busy women who are either trying to get pregnant for the first time or are trying to get pregnant again after having one child or more.”
Dr. Gupta:

  1. Try to eat 1 fresh fruit serving every day and at least 1 portion of salad. You need some greens to get the necessary vitamins and folic acid to prepare your body for pregnancy
  2. 1 glass of milk or bowl of milk and cereal daily. If you don’t like milk, yogurt is even better. Probiotic yogurts help regulate bowels as well as give the necessary nutrients.
  3. Make up your protein requirement from at least 1-2 eggs daily. The best way is to eat the egg white – you can try different recipes – scrambled, boiled, poached. In addition, any daily multivitamin supplement helps get your body ready to make a healthy baby.
  4. Try to squeeze in an aerobic workout for at least 30 min, 3 times a week. It keeps your heart fit, keeps the cholesterol down and your spirits up.
  5. If there is no time for a 30 min work out, you can do 10 min of yoga/pilates fusion daily and you’ll see wonderful results in 3 months.

E-OnlineQuestion: E-Online asked Dr. Gupta if Penélope Cruz is four months pregnant, shouldn’t she be protecting her belly instead of doing that Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

Dr. Gupta via E-Online: What Cruz is doing is, seriously, no biggie. “You’re just filming a movie,” points out Dr. Adeeti Gupta of Flushing Medical Center.  “The only risk that arises is if you’re doing jerky falls on hard surfaces,” or something equally extreme, such as sky diving. Johnny Depp & Penelope CruzBut think about it, Gupta says: What Cruz is doing is likely “pretty safe. Pregnant women take long flights, the drive and brake hard if they have to. They’re swimmers, gymnasts, and they still play.”In fact, Gupta says, Cruz could “swing a sword, she could even do short jumps. It’s fine!”

Other Questions that Dr. Gupta has been asked.

Question: Is urinary incontinence during sex normal?

Dr. Gupta:
No, it’s not normal. It might happen occasionally but if this keeps happening, then one needs to be evaluated by a gynecologist.


Question: What are the causes and what can I do about it?

Dr. Gupta:
The causes could be multiple child births, medical problems like diabetes or nerve injuries. Even a transient urine infection could cause such symptoms. If this happens, you should see your gynecologist for a proper evaluation and treatment.


Question: Is pain during sex normal?

Dr. Gupta:
Pain during sex is not normal.


Question: How do I know when to call the doctor?

Dr. Gupta:
If you are having painful intercourse, you need to see your doctor to rule out various conditions like infections, vaginal dryness or a condition called endometriosis.


Question: Is spotting between periods normal?

Dr. Gupta:
At times, spotting between periods is normal. Some women may have slight spotting associated with mild pain in the abdomen during ovulation. However, if the spotting continues for more than 2-3 days, you need to be evaluated.


Question: What is the cause and should I call the doctor?

Dr. Gupta:
The various causes could be infections of the vagina or the cervix, cervical polyps, fibroids in the uterus, medical problems like thyroid problems, or if you are on any blood thinners. You should call the doctor if the bleeding is persistent or heavy or associated with pain.

COSMO MagazineQuestion: COSMO Magazine asked Dr. Gupta this question:
There have been many new products and trends aimed at “prettying up” the vagina. Things like: pubic-hair and labia dye, vajazzling (stick-on crystals attached to the labia, public area). What are the dangers with these products?

Dr. Gupta:
Nowadays, there are a lot of products available for the female genital parts for a variety of purposes. One has to be extremely careful in what to use in that area. Since that area consists of a very sensitive lining, it can lead to severe allergic reactions or infection which can lead up inside the vagina and the uterus and can lead to widespread infection in the body. Tattoos should only be done on the outside vulval area (area away from vagina) . Make sure the facility where you are having it done is clean and has proper sterilizing equipment. As for piercings, again, it is not recommended but it is very common practice. Please make sure that there are proper sterile procedures in place. The depilatory creams may be used in vulval areas about a cm away from the inside of the vagina. But please do perform allergy testing with a pinch of the cream on your arm or the back of the hand.

I do not recommend unnecessary douching, since that can alter the vaginal pH and increase the propensity for development of vaginosis or other infections. The vaginal area should be cleaned with a mild unscented soap and towel dried.  The labial dyes and crystals are not really recommended since pubic area is a very sensitive area. However, if the crystals have to be applied, they should be applied away from the vaginal area and removed as soon as possible. Shaving and waxing are safe methods for hair removal. In all, female private parts are very sensitive areas and use of any chemicals etc should be used with extreme caution since persistent infections can lead to major complications for the female body which can lead to eventual sterility and other serious complications.